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How do I fill out my contract?
How do I fill out my contract?

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As soon as you've created a contract, you can start filling it out right away! You can create a contract either through our website or from an ad on one of the marketplaces we collaborate with.

If you create a contract from an ad, some fields will already be filled in with the information from the ad.

If you create a contract from our app you can start filling out the legally approved template as soon as it's created. Once you shared the contract with your counterpart, you can fill out the contract together. If you don't have time to finish filling it out right away you can take a break, once you are ready to continue all you have to do is log in to your Swiftcourt account and find the contract under "My Contracts''.

Everything you and your counterpart add to the contract will be saved automatically, so you don't have to worry about losing any information. Once you've filled in all the required fields, it's time to sign! If only one party has signed, the other party can still make changes. If any changes are made after one party has signed, the signature will be removed. That way, the first party has a chance to read through the changes and then sign again.

Once the contract has been signed by both parties, no further changes can be made. So make sure to review everything carefully before you sign!

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