Once you have created a contract, you can start filling it out right away. The contract is created either via our website or from an ad on one of our marketplaces. If the contract is created from an ad the fields are already filled in with information from that ad.

If the contract is not created from an advertisement, you can start filling out the juridically quality-assured template as soon as the contract has been created. Your counterpart will also be able to fill out the contract when you invite them. If you do not have time to fill it out completely in connection with you creating the contract, you can always find your way back to it by logging in to your Swiftcourt account and going to "My contracts".

The information that you and your counterpart add to the contract is saved automatically. When you have filled in all the required fields, it is time to sign. If only one party has signed, the other party can still make changes, in which case the signature will be removed automatically. So that the party who signed first has the opportunity to read through the changes and then sign again.

Once the contract has been signed by both parties, it is not possible to make changes again.

Swiftcourt contract layout

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