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We want three parties to sign the contract, is that possible?
We want three parties to sign the contract, is that possible?

Find out how to include more than two parties in a contract.

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As of right now, it’s only possible for two parties to sign, no more – no less. We are actively working on developing a multiparty signing feature for the future, as we value your feedback and input.

In the meantime, we offer a couple of options to address this challenge:

Option 1 - Power of attorney

One option is to issue a power of attorney, which would grant one party the legal authority to enter into the agreement on behalf of both parties.

Option 2 - Individual copies

Another option is to create a copy for the second person, so all parties involved can sign with their own signature. If you plan on signing two separate contracts, you can consider either:

A) Entering the total rent or price in both contracts and specifying that there is a solidary obligation to pay, meaning that all parties are jointly responsible for the entire rent amount;


B) Splitting the sum, which means that each party has individual responsibility for paying their respective share of the rent or price

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Should you need copies or have any further questions, contact us at or in our live chat and we’ll happily assist you!

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