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Cancelling a Swiftcourt contract
Cancelling a Swiftcourt contract

Click here to find out how to cancel a contract between you and your counterpart.

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As with any other contract, the contract you've signed can only be cancelled if :

  • Both parties wish to cancel it

  • If one of the parties does not fulfil their part of the agreement

  • If you have put a clause in the contract, allowing you to cancel the contract under certain circumstances

We at Swiftcourt do not mark contracts as active/inactive and therefore we can't help you decide if the contract is cancelled or not. If you do not wish to proceed with the transaction, you can inform your counterparty that you do not wish to proceed and if they still request you to fulfill your part of the contract, you are breaching the contract.

Our recommendation is that you inform your counterparty that you wish to cancel the contract and see how they respond. Maybe they are okay with this or can accept it if you provide a small cancellation fee. There is always room for discussion and maybe you can reach a compromise.

In case you don't reach an agreement you instead have to take the errand to civil court.

Both parties wish to cancel it

If a signed contract isn’t valid or is no longer in use we highly recommend our users cancel the contract and not delete it.

If you wish to cancel a contract it’s best to do so in writing, simply by emailing each other. This way, you’ll both have in writing that the agreement is canceled for future reference. Just make sure to keep the email correspondence (and the original agreement) to avoid any future problems or disagreements.

We at Swiftcourt do not mark the contracts as active/inactive. Therefore it is your responsibility to have the correct documentation to prove the agreement is cancelled.

If you are unsure of how to phrase a cancellation agreement you are welcome you use Swiftcourt's own termination contract:

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