If your counterpart can’t find your contract invitation in their inbox or spam folder, you can send them a new invitation. While we may have not developed a “Re-share” button, it is still possible to re-share a contract, find out how below.

Step 1: Scroll down to the section containing information about your counterparty

Swiftcourt about counterpart section

Step 2: Click the button “Edit email” and the box shown below will open

Swiftcourt change email button

Step 3: Confirm by clicking “Change email”

Swiftcourt edit email address

Now the e-mail address box will be cleared out, enabling you to re-enter the e-mail address of your counterparty and share the contract once again. A new invitation link will now be sent!

If your counterparty still has trouble finding the invitation or has trouble opening it, please reach out to our support team through our live chat or by e-mail to support@swiftcourt.com.

Note: We don’t recommend doing this more than once, since your counterparty’s inbox will be flooded with links and only the most recent one will be functioning.

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