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I can't submit a payment to the escrow account
I can't submit a payment to the escrow account

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There can be multiple explanations for why you can’t submit payment to the escrow account.

If you have chosen the payment method in the contract, you will be displayed a section at the top of your contract that leads you to the payment service. The first step in the payment process is for the seller to choose the bank account they want the payment to be paid out to and pass security checks. Before the seller completes this step, you will not be able to make a payment.

The other reason can be that your bank is not on the list of the supported banks that meet our quality standards. If you don’t have a bank account in a connected bank, you, unfortunately, will not be able to use our payment service. Then you need to cancel the payment and update the payment method in the copy of your contract and sign the copy.

The German banks that we support:

The Swedish banks that we support:

Another reason why you are unable to submit the payment can be that something related to you or your account raised red flags in our security system. If this is the case, we cannot legally offer you our payment service. We will cancel the payment for you.

A third potential reason why you are not able to submit your payment to the escrow account could be that you have a maximum spending limit on your account. In that case, we recommend contacting your bank or seeing if you can raise it yourself on your online bank.

Lastly, technical difficulties can also be a reason why you cannot submit the payment. In this case, contact our support at or in our live chat!

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