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How do I sign a contract with someone in a different country?
How do I sign a contract with someone in a different country?

In this article we address the possibility of writing contracts cross-border.

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We strive to make our contracts as accessible and user-friendly as possible for all our customers. As of right now, our contract templates are primarily designed for buyers and sellers within the same country. It mainly depends on what signing method the contract template is set to. For instance, our Swedish and Norwegian contract templates are signed using mobile BankID, which may not be suitable for users who don't have BankID or a national ID number.

However, we do have alternative contract templates called SwiftSign contracts that can be signed by anyone, regardless of nationality! 🌟 These templates are designed to be more flexible and accommodating. Although they may not be as commonly used, they are available upon request. If you're interested in a SwiftSign contract, our friendly support team is ready to assist you through our live chat or by e-mail at

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