We can imagine your disappointment. Taking the time to fill out your contract, making sure every detail is neat and tidy, just to be faced with a vague error message. We do however hope that you will see it a bit differently when you’ve discovered more about the error message.

As Swiftcourt is all about making peer-to-peer transactions more secure, we want to make sure that all of our users have the best of intentions. Thus, we have an automatic anti-fraud system in place and keep a consistent eye out for “suspicious users”.

Our mantra is better safe than sorry, and therefore we might have put a temporary blocking on a certain user if any red flags pop up.

If you encounter the error message “Error while signing” when trying to sign your contract, it usually means that your counterparty has been temporarily blocked from Swiftcourt due to what could be one out of hundreds of reasons.

We are not pointing fingers or claiming anything, we’re just being a bit cautious. Please ask your counterparty to contact us through our live chat or through e-mail to support@swiftcourt.com, so we can investigate why this temporary block was put in place.

Error while signing Swiftcourt error

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