As the FINN transaction journey is designed, it is only sellers that can invite buyers to their contracts. Below you will find the instructions on how.

Note: In order for you to invite your buyer to your car contract, you must have been in contact with your buyer on beforehand.

Step 1: From the contract view, press “Invite buyer” (“Inviter kjøperen”). Following you will be redirected to the following screen:

FINN car invite buyer

Step 2: From here, you'll be able to choose which buyer you want to invite to the contract. Please note once again that you must have been in contact through FINN's messaging centre before you can invite your counterparty.

If you haven't been in contact just yet and you press "Ingen av disse?", you'll see an information message, saying that you should ask the buyer to send you a message on FINN to enable you to share the contract with that particular buyer.

FINN invite buyer to the car contract

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