Both buyers and sellers have the option to cancel the payment service, depending on the step the service is in.

The seller can cancel the service up until a bank account has been connected to the secure vault. The buyer can cancel until payment is made.

If the service is awaiting action by you, you should be able to cancel the transaction by following 5 simple steps:

Step 1: From the dashboard, enter the contract connected to the payment service.


Step 2: From the contract view, enter the payment service by clicking “Forbered betaling” (could also say “Go to payment").

Swiftcourt payment service

Step 3: Click the three stripes in the top right corner.

Swiftcourt payment service menu

Step 4: Click on the red cross with the text Avbryt betalingen

Swiftcourt cancel payment service

Step 5: Select “Sign updated contract” or “Use existing contract” and then click Cancel payment.

Swiftcourt cancel payment service button

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