To help private consumers make more secure transactions, Swiftcourt offers together with a complete P2P payment solution. The payment solution is beneficial for both parties, and eliminates the risk of fraud.

The payment service is currently available for buying and selling most vehicles on FINN, but if you want to make sure your vehicle is applicable, have a look below:

  • Car

  • Boat

  • Motorcycle

  • Caravan

  • RV

If you are buying or selling a vehicle on the list above, and have a Swiftcourt contract, there is only a few more requirements that needs to be filled:

  • The price for the vehicle has to be less than 750.000 NOK

  • The seller needs a bank account with a connected bank (see list of banks here)

  • Both parties need to have a Norwegian social security number and BankID

If your transaction fulfills the requirements above, you should be able to use the payment service without any trouble! If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us through our live-chat or through e-mail to

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